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Sunday, August 01, 2021


He is saying that they can judge him her, but they will then be judged by God in heaven.

This is pretty standard Catholic take on things and not a confusion between heaven and hell.

One of the advantages of going to heaven, from what I have heard is that you can look down on people in hell and not be concerned about the horrible suffering they are going through.
I guess once you become a true believer compassion for others isn't a big deal.

Hi Margaret,

But he didn't say God in Heaven would judge them. He said they'd suffer in Heaven, which is not Catholic teaching. Now, I know what he was trying to say. Perhaps you didn't notice that I followed my comment about Heaven and Hell with "Seriously, though," to stress that the real issue isn't a theologically incorrect statement, but a pattern of public behavior over the past 10 years that sharply diverges from Rudy's public conduct for most of his life.

One other observation regarding Catholic teaching. Claiming you know what someone's fate will be after death runs counter to Catholic teaching. But again, that's not what this post was really about. It was about Rudy's erratic public behavior in recent years and a more long-standing corruption in his relationship with Donald Trump.

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